Accordion MIDI system

Will fit any accordion

Designed to work with any accordion as a full MIDI system or just for the Bass.  The standard 5 pin MIDI output allows easy connection to sound modules.

    Perfect integration with MidiRig systems

    Our system can be directly connected to our MidiRig Pocket Sound Module without the need of the usual power supply as the power can be drawn from the module itself.

    Elegant Reliable design

    Our excellent small circuits fit in the accordion extremely neatly.  All connected with flexible ribbon cable to eliminate untidy wiring which leads to failures.  

    As the system is so compact it is easy to adjust and also to access all parts of the accordion.  If removal is necessary, the boards are screwed in place and can be removed and reinserted to allow access to any mechanism.


    Built for players

    Reliability and function has been our focus, and by using high grade components and integrated design means the system will last for years of playing.

    Using Hall effect sensors and magnet position detection allows extremely accurate and fast note detection even when dirty.  Our system operates extremely quickly meaning it is impossible to play too fast for it.


      The included power supply is very small and sturdy.  It will easily fit in the case with the accordion (it is only 85mm x 57mm).  We use a standard 5 pin MIDI cable to connect to the accordion, so getting a replacement is easy.


        The MidiRig system is supplied with everything most players will need, but available by request are:

        • Bellows sensor (control expression with the bellows) – with 3 sensitivity settings
        • Wireless MIDI system with rechargeable batteries
        • Key switching, to allow selection of settings on an expander from the accordion


          • Magnetic Hall effect sensors for precise operation
          • Fast processing and efficient programming for extremely quick note detection
          • Standard 3 channel output for Treble, Bass & Chords – others by request
          • Standard 5 pin MIDI cable connections for accordion and to expander
          • 3 note chord detection – chords will sound synchronously 
          • Will fit even very compact accordions
          • Choice of socket positioning on the accordion

          See how we make it

          Designed and manufactured by us here in Scotland.

          Using our own production machines in our workshop, we keep quality control high.

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